Links to Further Activity

A few links to Friends’ of Woodcock Park activities and interests. Please do send us in parks and other activities to share.


Brook Way Community Biodiversity Project, the local community transformation of a derelict patch of wasteland, led by Sunita Hirani and John Poole, of Brookfield Crescent.

Book sports facilities |

Book tennis courts online (free for under 17s and reduced family rates), the bowling green or other Brent sports facilities such as artificial turf pitches, pavilions and halls.

Park City |

Friends of Woodcock Park pledged their support for the National Park City initiative at the 2016 AGM. Local councillors have since pledged Kenton ward support.

Game and Wildlife |

Woodcock Appeal: the woodcock is a cryptic, elusive wader adapted for a life in woodland and fields. We have studied the species for over 30 years, conducting some of the fundamental work on the species’ biology,