Links to Further Activity

A few links to Friends’ of Woodcock Park activities and interests. Please do send us in parks and other activities to share.

Facebook page |

Friends of Woodcock Park Secretary Pamela Lewis does a wonderful job of keeping this page alive with posts so do visit the page and ‘Like’ if you use Facebook.

Book sports facilities |

Book tennis courts online (free for under 17s and reduced family rates), the bowling green or other Brent sports facilities such as artificial turf pitches, pavilions and halls.

Park City |

Friends of Woodcock Park pledged their support for the National Park City initiative at the 2016 AGM. Local councillors have since pledged Kenton ward support.

Game and Wildlife |

Woodcock Appeal: the woodcock is a cryptic, elusive wader adapted for a life in woodland and fields. We have studied the species for over 30 years, conducting some of the fundamental work on the species’ biology,