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Friends of Woodcock Park by Kenton Grange

Friends of Woodcock Park

Woodcock Park has an active Friends group in the local community who are always keen for new members and volunteers to get involved in activities and projects.

We have some ambitious goals brewing after recently achieving upgraded play and exercise areas, shrub and flower beds and replacement trees to name a few. See our social media for up–to-date information.

Ambitious Projects

Play equipment for older children

We are looking at launching a local crowdfunding initiative to buy play equipment for older children as the current play facilities should be dedicated to smaller children. We are keen to keep children safe and entertained in the park and believe older children need their own facilities. If you would like to be involved in supporting and implementing this initiative, please contact us, as we are a small voluntary group and can’t manage it all on our own!

Café facilities in the park

The Friends of Woodcock park are working towards a long-term ambition to bring café facilities to the park, to create a small community hub near the playground and sports areas. Utilities and space are available. Please sign a petition to show local support for the initiative here. This is a big job, so if anyone feels able to help with the project in any way, please do contact Joy Rickman (Chair) or George Beckett (Vice-Chair).